Millions of passengers pass through each of JFK’s 7 operating terminals each year. JFK connects passengers traveling to and from New York with connecting flights to every major city in the world. JFK also has the highest international air travel in the world and has over 70 airlines. JFK has a Central Terminal Area (CTA) with a one-mile circular roadway. There are 7 operating passenger terminals (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T7 and T8) arranged in a semi-circle around the CTA.

Airlines at JFK Terminals:

  • Terminal 1 has 11 gates and serves the majority of international flights.
  • Terminal 2 has 11 gates and is the domestic hub for Delta Airlines.
  • Terminal 3 has 18 gates and serves Delta, Delta Connection and US Helicopters.
  • Terminal 4 has 17 gates and serves several international carriers.
  • Terminal 5 has 25 gates and is the principal hub of Jet Blue Airways.
  • Terminal 7 has 12 gates and serves British Airways, associated carriers, US Airways and United Airlines.
  • Terminal 8 has 23 gates and is the hub of Oneworld flights and American Airlines.

Check JFK Flight Status:

For the latest up to date flight information for the JFK airport visit You can also check the status of current airport traffic and any delays. For airline contact information, visit

Terminal 1 flight information:

Traveling within the JFK Airport – Terminal to Terminal:

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Getting to and from JFK:

Travel tips: Are you wondering how much time you will need to get to and from JFK to your destination? The following formula will help:

Estimated travel time via Google maps x 1.5 hours + 1 hour for domestic flights or 2 hours for international flights

Getting to and from JFK:

Traveling to JFK from midtown Manhattan (a distance of 18 miles) typically ranges from 35 to 90 minutes depending upon your method of travel and traffic.

Shuttle Buses – Public transportation is economical but slow and often times, reduced during peak hours or holiday periods. In addition, some shuttles leave at a designated time while others wait till they are full. Hence, it is best to check before you board especially if you need to get to your destination on time.

The airport shuttle bus service departs every 30 minutes from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST. The bus service picks up and drops off passengers to LaGuardia (LGA), Newark (EWR) and Manhattan at the Grand Central Port Authority or Terminal 42nd Street. Fares range from $11 to $21. If you are loading bags on the shuttle bus and need the help of the driver, it is also customary to tip the driver as well.

Taxis – Taxis are available curbside after you exit the baggage claim. An attendant or taxi dispatcher provides a ticket and passengers have to wait in line for the next available taxi. Medallion yellow taxi is the most frequently used service. Taxis charge base fare, a rate based on mileage and time and a surcharge. Fares range from $19 to $75 and any applicable tolls. In addition, 15% gratuity for tipping is also expected for drivers. Customer service varies dramatically in taxis as does the condition inside the vehicles. Vehicles range in quality and cleanliness and there is no guarantee of quality.

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